Securely Adopt AI and Integrate Data Sources

GO Now! is a powerful AI tool designed to provide enterprises with a secure way to leverage AI capabilities while ensuring the safety of their data. With a range of features and functionalities, offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling users to derive value and insights from day one.

Solving the Data Security Dilemma

One of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises when adopting AI is the need to protect sensitive data. addresses this pain point by offering robust security measures and enforcing access policies. With pre-integrated data sources and masking of sensitive data, enterprises can confidently use AI tools such as GPT-4 32k and Claude, knowing that their data is secure and under their control.

By integrating data sources like Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack, ensures the seamless and secure use of AI while respecting source system permissions. This means that employees can leverage AI capabilities without compromising the privacy and security of sensitive data.

Key Features and Benefits

Secure Adoption and Integration of AI allows enterprises to securely adopt AI by ensuring the safe integration of data sources. With its user-friendly UI and connectors, users can easily derive value from the tool from day one. The tool offers point-and-click data connectors, enabling users to effortlessly integrate their data sources and start leveraging AI capabilities immediately.

Custom Application Development provides secure APIs that enable users to build custom applications on top of enterprise data. By leveraging enterprise data while ensuring data privacy and security, developers can confidently create powerful and innovative applications. With drop-in replacements for open AI and AnthropIC APIs, developers can use official Python libraries and substitute the Credal API token, allowing them to build apps on top of secure data sources.

Centralized Security Control and Policy Management

With, enterprises can define, enforce, and audit access through its security controls. The tool enables the management of policies for both internally built and externally procured AI tools in a single place. This ensures that enterprises have full control over their AI usage and have confidence in the security of their data with audit logs.

Practical Use Cases can be applied in various scenarios to enhance AI adoption and data security. For example, in healthcare settings, enables medical professionals to securely leverage AI to analyze patient data while ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information. In finance, the tool can be used to develop custom applications that leverage enterprise data for financial analysis, trading algorithms, and risk assessments.

Furthermore, in the legal industry, provides a secure platform for lawyers to utilize AI tools for document analysis and contract review, maintaining client data confidentiality. These are just a few examples of how can be applied across different industries, showcasing its versatility and value.

With its comprehensive security measures, user-friendly interface, and custom application development capabilities, is a game-changer in the world of AI adoption. Enterprises can now confidently adopt AI while integrating their data sources securely, maintaining control over the usage of AI tools, and safeguarding their sensitive data.

GO Now!

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