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AI helps you with marketing, use research, and podcasting! Product Hunt Picks For AI

When I first began my foray into the tech world, I was captivated by the sheer power of innovation. From that tiny personal computer that made me feel like a scientist to the AI-driven marvels today, the journey has been both incredible and humbling. The sheer pace at which technology evolves is mind-boggling. Just a few years ago, I had to juggle multiple tools for various needs, and oh boy, was it a hassle! Today, with the wonders of AI, life has become so much more streamlined. Here’s a quick rundown of some AI products I’ve come across lately and just can’t get enough of.

1. Kombai: Code Magic for Figma Designs


Remember the countless hours spent trying to translate a Figma design into clean, functional code? Kombai swoops in like a superhero, bridging the gap. With its ability to understand intricate designs and spit out crisp React, HTML, and CSS code, it’s like having a developer buddy right next to you, guiding your way.

If you’re a solo dev or a startup, guess what? They offer a pretty generous free version! Dive in here.

2. STORI AI: The Marketing Genie


Starting up, I remember struggling with branding. We had the ideas but articulating them? That was a different ball game. Enter STORI AI, which with a few simple inputs, curated an entire branding strategy for my startup. Imagine my surprise when, post inputting a Webinar concept, STORI AI swiftly crafted multi-platform content and visuals. Efficiency, redefined!

Fancy a try? They’ve got a two-week trial! Check it out here.

3. User Persona Generator: Know Thy User


Market insights are gold. But obtaining them? Not so golden. How I wish I’d come across User Persona Generator earlier! Just two inputs: your business and target audience, and voilà, a comprehensive user persona, right from their pain points to conversion triggers, is laid out. It’s like having a mini-market research team in your pocket.

And the cherry on top? It’s free. Dive in here.

4. Recast: Read Less, Know More


Ever had that long article you kept pushing to your ‘read later’ list? I’ve been there. Recast is like that friend who summarizes everything for you. But it doesn’t stop there! It converts those summaries into podcast-like audio bytes. The result? A delightful mix of knowledge without the effort.

Give your reading list a break and check them out here.

5. SayData: Data Insights, Simplified


During my startup days, data was a double-edged sword. Critical, yet cumbersome. SayData feels like a breath of fresh air, offering intuitive, actionable insights just by typing in a prompt. It’s like having a personal data analyst, ready to dive into the numbers anytime.

Keen on making sense of your data? Start here.

In our fast-paced AI-infused world, staying updated is crucial. These tools are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re as captivated by the world of AI innovations as I am, stay tuned. There’s much more to explore, and I’d love to share the journey with you!

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